Review the green deployment

Click on the Deploy phase of the pipeline

  • This will navigate you to the deployment status for the ECS service


  • Step 1: will deploy the replacement task set based on the taskdef.json and new image created by the build phase
  • Step 2: will setup the new tasks and enable the test listener on the port 8080
  • Once step 2 is completed, open the service in your browser on the Load Balancer Test listener port 8080

Here is the command to get the url:

echo "http://$ALB_DNS:8080"

You will see the demo application with a changed background colour of green.


  • Step 3: initiates the traffic shifting from Blue to Green deployment
    • We have a seamless traffic shifting from blue to green using the deployment configuration - CodeDeployDefault.ECSLinear10PercentEvery1Minutes. We shift 10 percent of traffic every minute until all traffic is shifted
    • Once completed, port 80 will display the green deployment

Here is the command to get the url:

echo "http://$ALB_DNS"
  • Step 4 is where the old task set is retained for 10 minutes. This time period is configurable via the CDK stack
  • Step 5 will terminate the original task set

We have completed a successful blue/green deployment. Let’s now do rollback of a failed deployment