More Resources

Discover more AWS resources for building and running your application on AWS:

More Workshops

  • Amazon EKS Workshop - This workshop guides you through the process of setting up and using a Kubernetes cluster on AWS
  • Amazon Lightsail Workshop - If you are getting started with the cloud and looking for a way to run an extremely low cost environment Lightsail is perfect. Learn how to deploy to Amazon Lightsail with this workshop.
  • CI/CD Workshop for Amazon ECS - This workshop guides you through setting up CI/CD pipelines for Amazon ECS. Includes coverage of rolling updates, blue/green with test port, canary / linear deployments, GitOps, service discovery (for internal traffic), and pipeline templating (both CloudFormation and Terraform).
  • Amazon ECS Cats and Dogs - This workshop is designed to educate engineers that might not be familiar with Amazon ECS, Fargate, and possibly even Docker container workflow. It covers Amazon ECS fundamentals and new features including Cluster Auto Scaling, CloudWatch Container Insights, AWS FireLens and so on.

Tools for AWS Fargate and Amazon ECS

  • copilot-cli - The AWS Copilot CLI is a tool for developers to create, release and manage production ready containerized applications on Amazon ECS and AWS Fargate.
  • fargate - Command line tool for interacting with AWS Fargate. With just a single command you can build, push, and launch your container in Fargate, orchestrated by ECS.
  • Terraform - Use Terraform to deploy your docker containers in Fargate
  • Wonqa is a tool for spinning up disposable QA environments in AWS Fargate, with SSL enabled by Let’s Encrypt. More details about Wonqa on the Wonder Engineering blog
  • coldbrew - Fantastic tool that provisions ECS infrastructure, builds and deploys your container, and connects your services to an application load balancer automatically. Has a great developer experience for day to day use
  • mu - Automates everything relating to ECS devops and CI/CD. This framework lets you write a simple metadata file and it constructs all the infrastructure you need so that you can deploy to ECS by simply pushing to your Git repo.