End-to-end visibility App Mesh captures metrics, logs, and traces from all of your applications. You can combine and export this data to Amazon CloudWatch, AWS X-Ray, and compatible AWS partner and community tools for monitoring and tracing. This lets you quickly identify and isolate issues with any service to optimize your entire application.

Ensure high availability App Mesh gives you controls to configure how traffic flows between your services. You can easily implement custom traffic routing rules to ensure every service is highly available during deployments, after failures, and as your application scales.

Streamline operations App Mesh deploys and configures a proxy that manages all communications traffic to and from your services. This removes the need to configure communication protocols for each service, write custom code, or implement libraries to operate your application.

Enhance any application You can use App Mesh with services running on any compute service such as AWS Fargate, Amazon ECS, Amazon EKS, and Amazon EC2. App Mesh can monitor and control communications for monoliths running on EC2, teams running containerized applications, orchestration systems, or VPCs as a single application without any code changes.

End-to-end Encryption App Mesh gives you the ability to encrypt traffic between services using AWS Certificate Manager (ACM) or customer-provided certificates. This helps you to achieve the security and compliance requirements while building enterprise grade mesh architectures.